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July 19 – August 16
Closing Reception: Saturday, August 16 6-8pm

Sasha Bergstrom-Katz & Sam Kahn
Lauren Cherry & Max Springer
Ines Kivimaki & Cody Koester
Lucky Dragons Evan
Nesbit & Michele Fitzhugh

Roberts & Tilton is pleased to present &, a cumulative group exhibition featuring collaborative works and practices. Artists and viewers will convene to participate in an aggregated exhibition via an inverted gallery format. Throughout the course of four weeks, the exhibition will develop over sequences of events, meetings, occurrences and production; transforming the gallery space to one that acts as an arena for dialogue and flux rather than a setting for static display.

This disparate space will function as the artists’ studio, a ground for assembly and venue for performance. The dispensation of the exhibition will shape a collaborative curatorial build-up that will culminate on the final day of the exhibit. While highlighting collaborative practices, this structure attempts to add an additional layer of amalgamation and engagement between the gallery, viewers and artists.

Sasha Bergstrom-Katz & Sam Kahn practice an ongoing, mixed-media collaboration utilizing traditional tools of theater to explore the tenuous connections and disharmony between friends, relatives and lovers. Lauren Cherry & Max Springer are a duo employing found materials and created objects, a lateral process of deliberate conversation and intuitive experimentation forges tableaus that invite the viewer to engage in an experience that is both radically authentic and illusory. Ines Kivimaki & Cody Koester, a time based media artist and a poet, coalesce in an exploration of the power of communication and its orphic origins of ritual dictum. Lucky Dragons is an ongoing collaboration between Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. Active since 2000, Lucky Dragons is known for an open and participatory approach to making music, radically inclusive live shows, and playful, humanistic use of digital tools. Evan Nesbit & Michele Fitzhugh explore interests and issues of the cognitive physicality of images and engaged dimensionality; working together to create participatory art objects that are both activated and completed by the viewer.

& will commence July 19th with a performances directed by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz & Sam Kahn. Please visit the Roberts & Tilton’s website for a complete list of events and performances.