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Amir Zaki’s elegantly crafted photographs taken in Studio City and Coldwater Canyon, and which are aligned directly with the Burbank flight pattern, stand as powerful testaments to mystery, to the unknowable, to the unlikely juxtapositions that occur when imagination is given full rein. Zaki’s photographs are flawless manipulations of form and space. Working with images of houses in and around Los Angeles, Zaki creates stunning images of visual impossibility whereby a house hangs precariously off a cliff, seeming nearly to float off the hillside on invisible stilts. The images read as documents, as though defying their own architectural implausibility - these strange houses which stand austere and larger than life below a bright blue sky with a plane that appears to be on its final downward descent streaking across the sky. Zaki’s primary interest in the making of this work is not simply to construct a seamless image, but to expand the landscape of the imagination to include the ominous, the impossible, the single indestructible utopic vision. Zaki imagines the landscape with all the itinerant architecture that marks it as unique as sites for dystopia and unease. These are houses we all must live in sometimes, even if we are unaware that we do.

Installation Views

Amir Zaki