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I met Egan Frantz at the Independent Art Fair. I introduced myself as a fan of his and Liz Wendelbo’s picks for Ubu web, which included Kurt Kren and Xenakis. From the get go I identified as the beggar with my hand out (like Brancusi to his patrons). I was drinking at the time and couldn’t afford the pricey art fair drinks and he got me a beer. He made a series of toilet paper paintings and eggshell sculptures. The literary reference interested me as we talked about Broodthaers. As I write this, I am once again the beggar claiming my month’s rent in exchange for this press release: three hundred thirty seven dollars.  He would eventually end up taking me to nice dinners and became a patron of my work. Egan and I would love talking about Kippenberger and Beuys over these dinners. Kippenberger would flaunt his wealth by carrying wads of money around and enjoying fancy restaurants and hotels, while Beuys was discreet, parking his Bentley down the road and riding his bike the rest of the way to the Fridericianum to say, “I’m a member of Green Party.” I think we both identified with the former.