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Roberts Projects is pleased to announce Niña, Pinta, Santa Maria, the latest exhibition of gallery artist Evan Trine. This presentation brings together new photographic works in the gallery’s project room.

Evan Trine’s new body of work continues his exploration into using traditional photographic tools to manipulate a variety of recognizable source materials. His newest series “Ships” utilizes the iconic image of Columbus’ sailing trio - the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria - as a stand-in for a set of American cultural symbols that are currently being contested and re-evaluated for their historical whitewashing.

By physically altering the print as it leaves the printer, Trine imitates the process the viewer engages with and ultimately expunges culturally-entrenched internalized ideas, values and patterns of behavioral modes currently being dismantled by and within contemporary society. A response to the collective cultural amnesia about the contingency of historical memory, the effect is one of disorientation – both historical and immediate – in the face of radical transformation.

Evan Trine (b.1988) lives and works in Long Beach, CA. He attended Azusa Pacific University (BFA) Claremont Graduate University (MFA.) This is the artist’s third solo show with the gallery.