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Featuring Ella Rose Flood, Mia Middleton, Alejandra Moros, Celeste Rapone, Brittany Shepherd and Justin Williams

Wanderlust takes as its subject the mysteries of interiority and the deeply personal mythologies refined in the process of self-realization. The artists presented in the exhibition utilize their work to map internal growth and discovery. By developing a contextual backstory or manifesting symbolic meaning in their practice, the artists meditate on their own beliefs and ideas about the external world and how they relate internally to their individuality.

Each artist represented has harnessed the ability to know themselves by imagining and shaping their futures through independent creative processes. Developing aesthetic reactions to schisms, seismic shifts, and the ecstasy and sorrow of a life lived, they are defined as much by their fervor as their unique differences in style and medium. Experimentation leads to dramatic artistic expressions in painting, mixed-media assemblage, and sculpture. It is through the act of working and wandering through their own neural pathways that a truth is revealed, either intimately or in dialogue with others.

In seeking to transmute and transfer these discoveries through their work, these artists are able to move beyond the personal, into a shared knowledge of human-ness and connection that leads to spiritual nourishment.