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Wendell Gladstone’s body of work is part of an ongoing exploration of the relationship between painting and sculpture. The initial inspiration and aesthetic for this particular body of work came from a 1844 drawing by Gladstone’s great great grandfather of a young French fisherman. This series revolves around a narrative about a young fisherman's encounter with a pack of dogs and his subsequent revenge. The paintings are derived from information in sculpture. The language changes from representational 3-D to a simplified 2-D abstraction. People are reduced to squares and gems become fragmented triangles. The paintings act to push the narrative forward by foreshadowing events that will happen. Information contained solely in the paintings is also formally dictated by the sculpture. Some 3-D elements morph directly onto canvas. In these cases, there is a direct link between the object and it’s representation in the painting

Installation Views

Wendell Gladstone Solo Exhibition