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The Guardian of the Pearl’s Shadow Part 2 is an allegory to a watery aquarium in which objects float. The space itself contains a series of sketched “papers”, which create a hybrid between architecture and tamed cultured nature. Sketches displaying architectural perspectives float in an open space, and are presented in a window/curtain structure. Five sculptured fans hold paintings or sketches of mountains and illusionary landscapes. The “Magnetic Ants” work displayed on the opposite wall together with the ‘fan mountains’ offer a given environment of an open nature happening. The ants are an analogue to a microscopic close-up, and on the other hand an ant storm eroding the landscape and its contents. In the center, a boat sculpture is displayed carrying a model of a burnt charcoal house. The boat, the ants and the mountains insinuate or offer a metaphoric hybrid between a vast natural disaster and a minor personal crisis in the allegoric manner. The artwork time is between late night time to early morning. An intermediate time which wonders between a dream to partial wakefulness. One reading is an allegoric one, and the second offers a collection of objects or domestic sculptures with physical scale. This is a proposal of an illusionary journey between open nature spaces to subconscious spaces, as an allegory, a dream, and in parallel as a cold sculptural proposal of an ironed nature, flattened, digitally contracted and computerized in character.

Installation Views

Yehudit Sasportas