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An Indigenous Present: Indigeneity in Made in L.A. 2023

Co-presented with the UCLA American Indian Studies Center

Celebrating the launch of the new book An Indigenous Present, conceived by artist Jeffrey Gibson, this panel takes a closer look at Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living from the perspective of Indigenous intersectionality. Made in L.A. artists Teresa Baker, Melissa Cody, Ishi Glinsky, and Esteban Ramón Pérez join Gibson and curator Pablo José Ramírez in this conversation on Indigeneity through a larger understanding of native land, diasporic and queer histories, mestizaje, and ideas of ancestry. Co-presented with the UCLA American Indian Studies Center.

Featured artist Jeffrey Gibson will represent the United States at the 2024 Venice Biennale.

Photos: Jeffrey Gibson, Ishi Glinsky, Melissa Cody, Teresa Baker, Esteban Ramón Pérez