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Jeffrey Gibson SITE Santa Fe

Jeffrey Gibson’s The Body Electric features a selection of paintings, sculptures, commissioned community-engaged performances, and video installations, as well as a newly commissioned mural, THE LAND IS SPEAKING ARE YOU LISTENING (2022), activating SITE Santa Fe’s front lobby and main galleries. Viewed together, the body of work presented in this exhibition encourages contemplation of representation, exclusion, and belonging.

"I have been researching Indigenous kinship and relationality philosophies in response to the chaos of the past few years of the pandemic, political divisiveness, ongoing environmental disasters, racially motivated violence and trauma, and the amplifying of voices that are demanding change. I have sought to find ways to continue to have empathy for different perspectives and these kinship and relationality philosophies have provided me some important ways to move forward." Jeffrey Gibson

Gibson is a celebrated multidisciplinary artist whose works are represented in over 20 permanent collections across the US. He is a member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and half Cherokee.

Photo: Shayla Blatchford