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Dominic Chambers, The Night is Our Friend, 2022

Hawn Gallery, SMU Library, Dallas

A glimpse into the Jessica and Kelvin Beachum Family Collection beholds an artistic world of hope, Black joy, reality, and aspiration. Each composition within the collection offers a unique story. These non-linear narratives on the Black experience, with their own distinct actualities exhibit a reality not often portrayed, yet a collective, lived experience that strives to represent a livelihood untouched. Narrative as Reality: A World Reimagined contains the work of artists, Dominic Chambers, Ryan Cosbert, Robert Hodge, Nelson Makamo, Delita Martin, Sungi Mlengeya, Mario Moore, Robert Pruitt, Athi-Patra Ruga, and Ferrari Sheppard. Artist as storyteller and aesthetic elegance collide in this breathtaking collection of work that bestows a world where narratives hold power and imagery conveys truth.