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Otis Kwame Kye Quaicoe, The Artist II

Janine Sherman Barrois and Lyndon Barrois Sr. are the kinds of neighbors and friends any art lover would want to have. Last November, the Los Angeles–based couple welcomed guests to their home to celebrate the opening of two LACMA exhibitions: “Black American Portraits” and the L.A. stop of the Obama portraits tour. Donors, notable collectors, curators, museum directors, and the exhibition’s esteemed artists—many of whom are featured in the couple’s collection—were among the invited guests.

A board member of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, Lyndon played an integral role in organizing the Obama portrait exhibition. He, Janine, and their network of friends helped make the tour possible in Los Angeles through their fundraising efforts. “We know how important it is to not only go see art, but also to patronize it and to help support it, because that’s how it gets done,” said Janine. 

For the Barroises, their respective careers in art and entertainment have kept them inspired and connected to each other and to the creative community at large—Janine is a TV writer and producer, and Lyndon is an artist and animation director. Janine’s latest show, The Kings of Napa, which premiered on OWN last month, echoes the celebration of Black excellence resonant in the couple’s own art collection. In fact, art and collecting play a crucial role in the TV series.“I was creating a show about an epic African American family that owns a vineyard in Napa,” Janine explained. “I felt, if you own a vineyard, and you produce wine, and you’re very, very successful at it, that your love of food and wine and lifestyle would also permeate your love of art.”