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Toward the Celestial: ICA Miami’s Collection at 10 Years | Featuring Betye Saar

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, ICA Miami presents “Toward the Celestial,” a selection of works from its permanent collection highlighting the museum’s programmatic development, as well as recent commissions and previously unshown works. The exhibition is organized thematically, and journeys from microscopic to macroscopic images in order to explore the dimension of time and orders of scale. The exhibition’s title alludes to Betye Saar’s Celestial Universe (1988) banner, which was featured in the artist’s 2021 survey and has been part of installations of the artist over multiple decades suggesting both imminent presence and the recording of time through alternative ideological structures.

“Toward the Celestial: ICA Miami’s Collection at 10 Years” is organized by ICA Miami, and Curated by Alex Gartenfeld, Irma and Norman Braman Artistic Director; Gean Moreno, Knight Foundation Director of ICA Miami’s Art and Research Center; and Stephanie Seidel, Monica & Blake Grossman Curator.