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Uplift Aerospace Unveils Art Program to Launch with Amoako Boafo's Triptych on Blue Origin Shepard Rocket

The award-winning international artist Amoako Boafo has been selected to create the inaugural Suborbital Triptych, painted on exterior panels of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. The Uplift Art Program invites today’s leading artists to push the limits of the next frontier, sharing their vision with collectors, space enthusiasts and culture-lovers throughout the galaxy. Its seminal project, the Suborbital Triptych series, is emblematic of Uplift’s mission to further scientific discoveries and creative experimentation by granting artists access to the most advanced space technologies. Original voices who possess the innate ability to connect our human experience, like Boafo, are key to navigating humanity’s continuing efforts to explore beyond the bounds of Earth. The young artist from Ghana will join the Uplift team in Texas this fall to paint his original artwork on three removable carbon-fiber panels, comprising the Suborbital Triptych, designed to attach at the apex of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.