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'These stories are fictional, based on my reminiscences, war stories my buddy Ed Moses calls them, and I tell them, over drink, for the amusement of myself and others. My pal Grover Lewis was the first to encourage me to write them down. I had never pursued the idea until my dear mother had passed. Only then could these tales be told. It isn't that Mom would have been shocked, but she might have been embarrassed. I'll always remember the last words my mother ever spoke to me when I, for reasons unknown, asked her, If you had more time, what would you like to do? Her final words to me were so weak and soft that my ear had to be pressed to her lips to be able to hear: Have more fun. I took these words as her last wish and behaved accordingly.' - James Hayward

'Indiscretion is a chronicle of a ribald life in the arts as well as a glimpse of So Cal living... Hayward leaves home at 17 and hits the beach. This is the wet and wild, flip side of a Gidget film. Stir in the Venice Beach cool school art crowd. Meet a real biker gang, colorful characters and misunderstood geniuses. Juke and joint. Make love with the most beautiful women. Get lost! Sublime. Hayward's war stories tell an epic tale of life and love in the most fascinating milieu... If you read this book and think laughing James Hayward will go gently into the night, you are a fool. Full throttle. Way cool.' Gordy Grundy, Artillery

Publisher: Minneola Press, Ojai, California, 2010
Format Softcover, 5.4 x 8.4 inches  / English / 160 pages
ISBN:  978-0964016576

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