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Adam Janes' sculptures and drawings are often conceptualized and displayed in tandem. These energetic, chaotic drawings composed of collage and mixed media are elaborately detailed carpenter's notes for Janes' simplistic wooden "sculpture projects." Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at 50% includes sculptural constituents representative of nature, rebirth and purification. Wood, steel and fabric feed into streams and pools of fiberglass water. This multi-media installation is a staged outdoor rebirthing ceremony. Janes designed the model of his conceptualized ritual at fifty percent its functional size. A central deck serves as an architectural structure that provides isolation from the environment, yet also a literal platform to reflect on the scenery. The internal verse external space exploits the drastic contrast between each setting. While Janes' installation is destined to sit within a gallery space, the artist originally envisioned the work for the outdoors. As the project evolved, Janes created several other elements at full size to reference human scale. The series of inferred actions supported by Janes' sculptures and works on paper actualize his personal and spiritual ceremony. At the same moment, the viewer can imagine this very peculiar scene in a natural history museum. As Janes explains, the installation is "spinning in time both internally and externally, but don't sweat the small stuff."