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 EL  T D      Los Angeles is the Roberts & Tilton's second solo exhibition with New York based artist Adam Pendleton. The artist's work plays with conventional notions of history and language, proceeding from the notion that thought does not always determine language, language can also determine thought.  EL  T D      Los Angeles is a selection of projects from 2007-present that deal directly with the abstraction and instrumentalization of language and image throughsculpture and wall- based work.The code paintings and code sculptures use the dot (circle) and dash (rectangle) of Morse code, introducing a third, untranslatable element, the square. The titles of the works contradict the nature of the works themselves as they do not function as a code, save for the ways in which the viewer chooses to read them. The paintings are one-color silkscreens applied on a ground of bare canvas, and the ceramic sculptures occur in a variety of basic combinations, which shift from work to work.