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Do Not Stack is a collection of new works reflecting the continuing interests and drama that contemporary artists find in the human figure and portrait. This carefully selected grouping of artists represents work that resonates with a social intent, while mirroring the broad spectrum of ideas and how they are presented through works on paper.  Paper is at its most vulnerable when isolated from the stack. The delicacy of its nature provides a fitting surface for the most immediate, least edited and most exposed form of expression. Unlike more formal artistic media, paper is widely accessible; it can be crumpled in the trash as easily as framed on the wall. Successful drawings can take just a second or an entire lifetime.  Do Not Stack includes contributions by Patty Chang, Delphine Courtillot, Jonathan Hartshorn, Richard Hawkins, Adam Janes, Chris Johanson, Titus Kaphar, Thomas Kiesewetter, Euan Macdonald, Faris McReynolds, Aaron Romine, Dana Schutz, Jeff Sonhouse, Ed Templeton, Richard Tuttle, Aya Uekawa, Kehinde Wiley and Ai Yamaguchi.