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In this first exhibition in Los Angeles, entitled Sonnenschutz, which means “protection against the sun,” Eberhard Havekost has composed a new body of paintings that speaks directly to the Los Angeles landscape, and in particular, to the variegated incarnations of the sun as it acts upon the landscape, the facades, and the people who populate this vast city. The works in this exhibition include portraits, architectural paintings and a computer generated still derived from a videogame. The underlying theme that connects all the work in the exhibition is the infusion of sunlight into constructed space – whether it be the façade of a building, or a human face, the expression on which seems a direct result of the blinding sun, like an assault from beyond. In Havekost’s world, the sun is depicted as nearly antonymous, a silent force that can shift a man’s face into shadow, or darken a window with amber light.