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Ed Templeton, whose exhibitions are primarily a mixture of photographs, drawings and paintings, has chosen to mount a paintings only exhibition, something he hasn't done in 12 years. The results are staggeringly beautiful. As with his photographs, Templeton’s paintings are simultaneously suffused with pain, vulnerability and joy, and tell stories of insecurity, fearlessness and personal triumph amid difficult and painful circumstances.Templeton has created in this new body of work, a template for love and tenderness, as each of these new paintings speak to the struggles of being alive. Many of the paintings portray the women in Templeton’s life from his mother, to his wife, to friends and their children. He has set himself the task of studying in depth the people who have played an intrinsic role in his personal growth. These images are not always easy to look at and sometimes reference specific events from the artist’s life. One painting in particular shows the artist’s father drowning him in a bathtub. The painting is filled with bright colors, which undercuts its otherwise dark and ominous theme