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Fields, Evan Nesbit’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, is a new series of modified paintings which aim, through color and material relationships, to continue the artist’s perceptual investigation of the performative within painting. The works on view are made by manipulating acrylic paint through the perforations of a vinyl mesh on which a photo has been digitally printed. Organized and executed through this mechanical registration and distribution integrates thepigment within the grid structure of the substrate, effectively capturing the gesture in the making of each work. The specifics of this process generatea textured field of color suspended over the low relief of the painting face. Our gaze drifts over this spatiality, defined by the paint’s physical weight, following how the transference of color is transmitted through dappled warm and cool divisions of light and shadow. Some of the paintings are achromatic, produced with a small amount of pigment distributed in the acrylic; others appear blown out in a thickly saturated monochromatic haze of fluorescence.