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Organized  by  Michael  Dopp, New Babylon brings  together  fourteen  artists  based  on  an underlying sensibility  exploring  the  collaborative  aggregate  as  a symbolic  social  space  with  moveable  articulations. New Babylon takes  its  form  as  a  freestanding  structure designed by architect Joakim Dahlqvist, with the artworks on view -sculpture, painting, ceramic, and photography -functioning  as  both  autonomous  objects  and  site-specific installations within the building's apparatus As  a  gallery  turned  out  from  within  itself, New  Babylon is  as  much  a  structure  of  wood  as  it  is  space.  Its seemingly unfinished state – a framework of 2x4's with open walls and ceilingse – allows for an uninterrupted process,  or  wandering,  through  the  site.  In  this  arrangement,  space  is  both  paradoxically  delineated  and unlimited. As  a  result  of  this articulation  of  new  variables  through  the  inclusion  of  art,  the  individual  works become increasingly more complex when viewed alongside and within this structural containment.