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Kehinde Wiley

The Yellow Wallpaper

Kehinde Wiley: The Yellow Wallpaper, 2020

Kehinde Wiley: The Yellow Wallpaper, 2020

A behind the scenes look at Kehinde Wiley’s working process for his current exhibition The Yellow Wallpaper on view at William Morris Gallery, London (February 22 - July 12, 2020). The film follows Wiley as he travels the streets of Dalston, East London to cast for a new body of work featuring female subjects and includes CCH Pounder's narration of American novelist Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s iconic The Yellow Wallpaper (1892). The effect is that of examining the complex role of social class, status, religion, colonialism and the negotiation of gender. 

The Yellow Wallpaper is a work of literary fiction that explores the contours of femininity and insanity, and the disastrous consequences of the denial of independence. This exhibition seeks to use the language of the decorative to reconcile blackness, gender, and a beautiful and terrible past. - Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley
The Yellow Wallpaper, 2020
Film Produced by Cousins Producers: Jessica Chermeyoff, Ana Vaselic, and Anne Alexander
Film Score: Niles Luther
Voiceover: CCH Pounder
Audio Mixer: Eddie Cooper
Colourist: Elias Nousiopoulos
Courtesy: Stephen Friedman Gallery
© 2020 Kehinde Wiley