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Gray Day should exist like the aftermath of a failed suicide attempt; it should represent the line that has been blurred between art, commerce and celebrity. Where simultaneously the artist Jeff Koons and the NBA all-star Shaquille O’ Neal can assume the same position as curator, I’m unable to differentiate the two exhibitions. Gray Day is the idea that one can no longer define the art world, yet, the thirty plus artists in the exhibition more or less situate themselves within it.  The exhibition includes contributions by JoshuaAster, Larry Bell, Michelle Blade, James Brittingham, Bruce High Quality, Juan Capistran, Kristin Calabrese, Alika Cooper, Sylvia Cooper, Daniel Desure, Mark Dutcher, Andrew Foster, Kevin Galleaz, Michael Hayden, Inner City Avant-Garde, Charles Karubin, Anthony Lepore, Sydney Littenberg, Mark McKnight, Samia Mirza, Emmeline De Mooij, Ariana Papademetropoulos, Marlon Rabenreithe, Pj Risse, Malik Sayeed, Allison Schulnik, Natascha Snellman and Eric Yahnker.